Shimmer Glitter Dust



Add some WOW factor to your cocktails with Shimmer Glitter Dust. Uses for this edible glitter are endless and can be added to any translucent hot or cold drink for a glittery effect.  Use your imagination to create a truly unique cocktail, works with spirits, beer, wine and more.


Available in a 3 gram sprinkler, it contains enough for about 20 3-4 ounce drinks. Its available in original silver pearl and gold pearl.


Shimmer Glitter Dust™ is manufactured in a FDA regulated food manufacturing facility, meets ALL FDA Regulations and 100% FDA Compliant. Using only Mica Based Pearlescents & Ti02. Their   proprietary formulation complies with all local, state and FDA codes. Shimmer Glitter Dust™ uses no animal products, is gluten-free, dairy-free and guilt-free!


Glitter Color

Silver Pearl, Gold Pear