About Whiskey by the Glass


We are located in Louisville KY, the center of everything bourbon where we are engulfed in the bourbon lifestyle and take advantage of it. While we have a love of bourbon, we also appreciate all forms of whiskey from the rare preprohibition to the new experimental varieties being introduced by the resurgence in craft distilling.


Whiskey by the Glass comes from the legal term “whiskey by the drink”. It may seem obvious a bar serves spirits but the drink, but it refers to the the type of license an establishment has. Some places only have a license to sell it by the package. You can still see signs around Louisville with this term on the signs hanging outside.


In 2014, we started handling merchandise sales for Whisky Chicks through their Facebook page. WhiskeyByTheGlass.com is an evolution of the original on-line store and now includes products from brands known around the world.  Our mission is to enhance the whiskey experience through these products. Our inventory is always changing as we offer many items that are only available for a limited time. You can be assured that everyone on the Whiskey by the Glass team has a love for this special spirit and will help you make your experience complete


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