Wee Glencairn Glass Lanyard


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Finally a whiskey glass holder intended for the Wee Glencairn Glass and other similar sized glasses. This lanyard will not work with the traditional larger sized Glencairn Glass. It works great at whisk(e)y tasting events and includes a detachable clip allowing to easily hand it to the person pouring or shake peoples hand without having to find a place for your glass. Lanyard includes the WhiskeyByTheglass.com name in red, indicating it is intended for the smaller Wee Glencairn Glass compared to the White WhiskeyByTheGlass.com holder intended for the larger glass


The Wee Glencairn Glass lanyard can be customized with a low minimum order quantity of 100 for your event or group, just be sure to order early. Contact us for a quote on larger quantities


Wee Glencairn Glass not included