Whisky Chicks Inside the Rabbit Hole Event


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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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Participants must be 21 or older


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Join the Whisky Chicks at Rabbit Hole Distillery for an evening of bourbon and a chance to wander inside the ‘Architectural Icon of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.’ Beyond tasting and learning about Rabbit Hole’s Original Works of Bourbon, you’ll hear more about the brand and become fully-immersed in the distillery with some of the Rabbit Hole ‘Whisky Chicks.’


Friendship Facilitators connect face to face AND join via Zoom from across the country.


IN-PERSON GUESTS meet at Rabbit Hole Distillery located in downtown Louisville, Kentucky for cocktails, tastings and tour with light bites for member cost of $48 and non-member cost of $60.


SHIP RABBIT HOLE BOX filled with swag to complete your at home event for the member cost of $36 and non-member cost of $45 plus tax and shipping. As alcohol will not be included, have on hand Rabbit Hole Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, be it 4-Grain, High Rye, PX Sherry Casks or Rye. You will join us on tour and experience with us, Inside The Rabbit Hole.

Zoom link will be provided for all orders. Limit two tickets per order please.

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