Whiskey Ice Bomb


The “Whisky Ice Bomb” is currently taking the spirits planet by storm. Made by hand, the Ice Bomb brings a new level of efficiency and refinement to whisky enjoyment. The Glencairn Whisky Glass is sold separately.

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This short stemmed version of the Ice Bomb has been specially designed to be used in the famous Glencairn glass or rocks glass. Simply leave the Whisky Ice Bomb in the freezer for about an hour, pop it in your glass, and enjoy a cooler, more refreshing dram of your favorite whiskey.

The Whisky Ice Bomb will not chill your whisky so much as to numb the flavor, but it will lower the temperature enough to lower the strength of alcohol to the nose. You can think of it as a cooling cherry in your favorite cocktail.

Made from laboratory grade Borosilicate glass, the bombs are handmade near Montreal (Canada), by a master glassblower. The Pyrex glass is highly resistant to shocks, as well as to temperature change. The liquid inside is distilled Northern Canadian spring water creating a more efficient core than stones or air filled metal cubes. The bottom line is the boro glass will not impart metal taste like stainless cubes could do and they will cool your whisky without diluting it. The stem allows easy handling and can be used as many times as wanted.

Ice Bombs and Glencairn Glasses Are Sold Seperately