Amber Glass Model G101


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Amber Glass Model G101 is a tulip-shaped, hand-crafted whiskey glass.

The tapered mouth nicely concentrates aromas ensuring maximum tasting and nosing satisfaction. Its delicate shape comes from a meticulous glass blowing process. The high, slender stem emphasizes the shape of the bowl and includes a hand-crafted matching “outside” cover which prevents evaporation and preserves the aroma. The G101 features an all in one design and hand painted amber stem emulating a glass filled to the base when filled with your favorite whiskey. A perfect glass for all “water of life” aficionados and is recommended for heavier peated and smokey whiskies.


Hand Made in Poland using Mouth Blown, soda-boron glass.  It has a capacity of 10 cl / 3.38 oz. and is 171 mm high with a diameter of 58mm

(tolerance +/- 2-3%). As with all Amber Glass Factory glasses, it is packaged in a specifically designed box ideal for gift giving, shipping or storage.