Wee Glencairn Glass



The Wee Glencairn Glass, sometimes called the Distillers glass, is a smaller version of the traditional Glencairn Whiskey Glass. They are great for whiskey tasting parties and events or for a small glass after a hard days work. It measures 3 3/8″ tall  and 2″ wide and has a 2.5 oz. capacity. “Wee Glencairn Glass” is stamped on the bottom indicating it is a genuine Glencairn glass


When ordered individually, a gift box is included. Sets of six are sold in a white box. Also available in bulk quantities.


Deep Etch engraving available on all Glencairn glasses including Clear, Black, Red, Blue Green and Gold and the Wee Glencairn with a minimum quantity of 48.


Contact us today for a quote for a bulk purchase or Deep Etched glasses. Be sure to include the quantity and shipping zip code.



Set Quantity

Set of 6, Single Glass