Cocktail Multi-Tool


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Be prepared on your next vacation or party. This Cocktail Multi-Tool has everything you need to make cocktails on the go. The Bourbon Badass logo is featured on the Beachwood handle


Muddler – For crushing fruit, herbs, spices and more
Reamer –  Squeeze juice from fruits
Channel Knife – Create twists and garnishes for the finishing touch
Jiggers –  Accurately measure a perfect 1 oz or 1/2 oz pour
Zester –  For capturing the fresh aroma oranges and lemons
Knife – Slice fresh cocktail ingredients
Stirrer – To blend your cocktails
Strainer  – Separate the ice as you pour into your martini or cocktail glass
Corkscrew – Uncork your favorite bottle of wine
Bottle Opener – Always be prepared, sometimes you just want a beer