Amber Glass Model G111


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Amber Glass Model G111 was inspired by the classic Port wine glass. The exceptional bowl

shape is suitable for light, fruity and floral whiskies. The tapered bowl facilitates nosing of subtle

floral notes and intensifies the tasting experience. The slender “all in one” design stem and solid base ensure a perfect grip and has been hand painted amber complimenting the whiskey when filled. The top of the bowl gently passes outwards which gives it an even more elegant look.

Hand Made in Poland using Mouth Blown, soda-boron glass.  It has a capacity of 20 cl / 6.76 oz. and is 178 mm high with a diameter of 65mm

(tolerance +/- 2-3%). As with all Amber Glass Factory glasses, it is packaged in a specifically designed box ideal for gift giving, shipping or storage.