Amber Glass Model CG100 Champagne Glass Set


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The Amber Glass model CG100 is part of the professional glassware series, a collaboration between Amber Glass Factory and Karol Rybicki. The glass draws its inspiration from the classic coupette style glass. It features a taller, slender leg with a stable base. Adding to its appeal is the use of a special effect called “optic touch” on the entire surface of the bowl, thanks to which it gives it a unique design. Each box is presented with a label indicating the batch number of the glasses. They are a great gift for any cocktail or champagne fan. Each glass is mouth blown using soda-boron glass in Poland. Each glass has a capacity of 17 cl (approximately 5.75 oz) They are 220 mm high and have a diameter of 100 mm with a tolerance of +/- 2 – 3 %